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Do you jump from diet to diet without ever seeing results?

Does proper nutrition seem overwhelming and complicated?

Do you need healthy-eating accountability and support?

Nutrition doesn’t have to be complicated. To align with our “Always Move Forward” mindset, South Landing Nutrition places a focus on progress as opposed to perfection. Instead of having an unsustainable plan with lists of what you can and cannot eat, our nutrition philosophy is focused on “Eat More”, “Eat Some”, and “Eat Less” rather than just “Good or Bad.”

With so much conflicting, quick-fix information on the internet, we simplify our coaching and focus on how each individual can make small, attainable changes to achieve their results. Instead of progress ending as soon as your “diet” does, our individual accountability and lifestyle focus will provide you with habits that lead you to life-long results.

our coaching process

FREE nutrition consult: Discussing Goals

Sit down with a nutrition coach to discuss your health and nutrition goals. A free InBody composition scan is included to assess your starting point.

phase 1 coaching: customized plans

Our nutrition coaches work with you to develop a customized plan. All meal plans are written by a registered dietician, and the focus is on helping you make simple, attainable changes to take control of your health.

celebrating results & continuing support

When Phase 1 is complete, a Phase 2 plan is available to provide continued support and nutrition accountability that will help you continue moving forward with your health transformation.

all nutrition plans include:

One-on-One Initial Goal Review Session (90 min.)

Monthly Body Composition Scans and Measurements

Custom Nutrition Plan With Grocery Lists

Individualized Accountability and  Correspondence

Comprehensive Nutrition Handbook

Access to Exclusive Nutrition App

nutrition transformations

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