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It happens every week. I sit across from someone new and they tell me they’re ready to become fit again. And, I always ask the same question:

“What are you doing well, right now?”

Typically, they respond the same way. They hang their head and say, “Nothing.”

And, that’s not true. 

Maybe they drink a couple of glasses of water a day. Or they walk their dog around the park. Or they make a big, brave decision like sitting across from someone and saying they’re ready to take the next step. That is worth celebrating.

So, let’s say you aren’t where you want to be. Guess what? That’s okay! I’ve got some advice for how you get yourself on the path to better health and fitness.

THREE SIMPLE STEPS TO Be the healthiest you

1. Make an appointment to workout

Treating workouts like appointments makes them a priority. If you’re concerned about your health and you want to take action, you’ll make an appointment to see a doctor. If you’re concerned about your fitness, you do the same. When you show up to the gym, you form new habits and become a healthier, fitter version of yourself.

2. Try something different

You probably think all we do is CrossFit. Well, I must admit: we DO do CrossFit at South Landing. But, we also do a lot more. We offer personal training, small group training, focused training for individuals over 50 years old, and even have a nutrition coach on staff. A program that I especially love is our Bootcamp Program. We have a 5 a.m. class and a 7 p.m. class. If you join, you will work out with the same group of people every class. The workouts are different every day and there’s no pressure to perform at a certain level. You don’t need experience. You just show up, enjoy yourself, make friends, and leave feeling sweaty and accomplished. If CrossFit sounds intimidating, try Bootcamp!

3. Have a backup plan

You’ve taken the first step. You’ve made an appointment to work out. You joined a class. And then…you get a flat tire at work. Do you have a backup plan? Here’s mine: If I miss a workout because of an emergency or an obligation, I take 6 minutes to run through two rounds of a simple workout: 1-minute of push-ups, 1 minute of air squats, and 1 minute of step-ups. It’s amazing how good (and how bad) 6 minutes of working out can feel. This keeps me in the routine of working out, so I don’t get out of the “habit.” Remember habits create consistency, and consistency creates great results!

so here’s your challenge today: start with a single step

Maybe you walk for 30 minutes during your lunch break, or join us for a Free Community Class on Saturdays at 10 a.m. Your first step could even be coming to sit down and talk with us for an hour about where you’ve been, where you’re at, and where you want to be. Whatever it is, you have the power and the freedom to take that first step today. Click here to sign up for a free consult with me. Let’s take action towards your goals. As always, keep moving forward. 


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