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Lessons from the Open

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Every year the Open creates an incredible growth and learning opportunity for all of our members. That’s a large reason we love it. It allows you to try something you haven’t tried before, to push yourself outside of your comfort zone, and to be surrounded by an incredible network of community throughout each Open week. While all of us as coaches have done the Open before and it is not our “first rodeo”, what you may not know is we too are human and struggle with many of the “nervous fears” each of you do.

not my first rodeo

I decided to write this blog 3 weeks into the Open to give a little insight into what I’ve learned this year, and the valuable lesson this Open season has taught me. I am currently writing this blog roughly two weeks before it gets posted, and 19.4 was just released. Each time an Open Workout is released, I get the nervous sweats, a pit forms in my stomach, and thoughts of how this workout will feel tends to loom over me. 

 Coming into the 2019 Open season, this would be my 4th Open. If I am being honest, up to this point the Open was not a great experience for me.  Nothing about the Open was enjoyable. I came into this Open season completely prepared not to do any of the workouts. Why? Because I was fearful of feeling the same way I had the last several Open’s. It did not create a FUN experience for me. The funny thing is, I was going to get away with it, then I got called out the night 19.2 was released by the Boss Lady herself, Crissy Glarrow. For this, I am incredibly grateful.


The workout released that night was a repeat workout from the first Open I had participated in. I think we all remember the workout with the Cleans, Double Unders, and Toes to Bar. Since Crissy had called me out, I decided I would hop into the noon class on Friday and give it my all. 

We started the warm-up, talked about strategy, took a couple deep breaths, and 3…2…1…GO! The workout started with a bang and ended just as fast. I found myself walking around the gym, cheering the few who successfully made it through the first two rounds, and thinking “man that was a really FUN workout!” Mind you, that is the first time in THREE years of doing the Open that those words have escaped my mouth about one of those workouts. 

So, what changed? My mindset. I chose to step away from fearing the workout and rather made this an EXCITING moment to grow myself and grow with a community. How? By smiling and saying “Wow, I get to do this workout with a class of amazing people and celebrate each other.” Was I still nervous? Sure. I am human. While the “fear” was still there, how I chose to look at it was completely different. This wasn’t something I “had” to do, but rather something I “get” to do! 

moving forward

Embracing that growth moment, I decided to be all in for the Open and use it as an opportunity to not only grow as an individual, but also grow in an awesome community of individuals going after goals and choosing to live the healthiest life they can. While the Open has just finished, maybe this was your first Open experience or maybe it was your 6th Open experience. Regardless, we can use what we learn in the Open and transfer it to each day we are at the gym. Maybe a workout comes out that has all of your so called “weaknesses” in it, and you’re tempted the skip the gym…Don’t! Come and tackle that workout with your head held high with a great community that is going to celebrate you doing so! That is moving forward. That is what gets you to your goals. 


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