semi-private training

Get in shape. Build community. Move forward toward your goals.
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Are you looking for personalized training in a small-group environment?

Do you want workouts specifically programmed for your goals?

Are you looking for an encouraging, judgement-free environment?

small group coaching with a personalized focus

Semi-private training combines the health and fitness benefits of customized workouts  with the accountability and fun of being around the same group of people each session. Each semi private group consists of 2-5 individuals who are working on training plans personalized to their goals. Small class sizes allow for individualized attention regardless of training experience, injury history, and movement limitations.

Scheduling is flexible, with a workout option of 2 or 3 times a week. This program is perfect for couples, corporate groups, and individuals who are looking for personalized attention within an encouraging group atmosphere. 

no experience is necessary 

“My first goal was to be able to do a push-up. Just six months later, I was maxing my hip thrusts out at 405 pounds, working on chin ups and doing 4 sets of 8 push ups. My body composition has also changed dramatically (in a good way!)…As I continue semi-private training, I’ll be able to continue pursuing new goals that I never thought were possible.”

Ashley A.

I am back to my pre-kids weight range, my clothing fits so much better, and I feel really strong and empowered. The added cross training has enabled my husband to set multiple personal running records [5K, 10K, half marathon]. Plus, semi-private training is like a mini day date for us! We enjoy spending time together while individually working towards our own fitness goals.
Dianna O.

space is limited

Space is limited and openings not always guaranteed. Please contact us for availability. You can also schedule a free intro with us so we can assess your starting point and determine the best path forward toward your goals. We’re ready right now to help you live your healthiest life.