our partners

serving our community through health-based practices

We are proud to partner with some amazing Knoxville businesses. These organizations are leaders in their field, and committed to moving individuals forward towards their healthiest lives.

nourishing our needs

In contrast to the cultural norms of restrictive eating and quick fixes, Kellie Cope of ‘Nourishing Our Needs’ designs individualized nutrition programs to set you up for a lifetime of sustainable and healthier behaviors.

Nourishing Our Needs educates you on how to fuel your body through satisfying nourishment, intentional movement, and mandatory self-care. You can leave behind the ‘all or nothing’ mentality and reclaim your confidence through consistent and mindful daily practices that are tailored to your needs, goals, and preferences. For more on all Nourishing Our Needs has to offer, click here.


physio lab pt

As Doctors of Physical Therapy, the team at Physio Lab specializes in sports rehab, helping guide their patients and clients out of pain and back into the active lifestyles they lead.

Physio Lab offers a comprehensive range of sports rehab, maintenance, and recovery services to help you reach and continue performing at your peak. The one-on-one experience the Physio Lab team provides is top notch, as is their commitment to their clients. Lauren Levko is also on our PowerFit team, bringing her expertise to women in the prenatal and postpartum stage of life. To learn more about Physio Lab’s services, click here.