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My WHY Behind Nutrition Coaching

by Health, Nutrition

After my final season playing football, I found myself searching. I spent hours reading blog posts, books, and searching every corner looking for one thing: I wanted to obtain the perfect physique. I wanted to look like Hercules.

But, I was short-sighted. I didn’t see long-term vision for what health and fitness could do for me. Before, I only saw results.

so, let’s rewind.

All my life, I was known as a chubby kid. People thought I was goofy. In a good way. But, I wanted to change that perception. I wanted to be strong and look good with my shirt off.

So my journey began with no sustainable approach. Anything that came my way I tried. I was desperate. I engulfed pounds of chicken breast, poorly-cooked broccoli, and rice. That was it—that was all I ate.

I had no concept of planning for my goals. So I learned from my experiences. If one thing failed, I tried another. If that didn’t work, I tried something else. And the cycle continued.

I was itching to find “the way.” But, I learned there is no perfect way.

habits and longevity

According to experts, sustainable change can only be built one way: creating habits. By building habits into your life that focus on longevity you will start to see the changes you want so badly for yourself.

I found CrossFit during my first year at the University of Tennessee after five years of trying to figure it out on my own. My view on health began to shift. I started asking myself different questions. And it led me to study nutrition. I wasn’t just interested in looking like Hercules anymore. I wanted to understand how bodies work, why they work the way they do, and what we could do better to maximize our bodies’ performance.

fast forward.

Now, I’m in my last year of school. Soon, I will become a registered dietitian. A lot has changed over the last five years. But, a few things stayed consistent. One of those is my passion to help people discover the best version of themselves through training and nutrition. I don’t want to see anyone else follow the path of 17-year-old Dylan. 

So, I’m stepping into a new role at South Landing CrossFit. Starting today, I will be a nutrition coach. With this opportunity, I will be available to help any individual who wants to see change in their life, who wants to work hard toward a better future, and who is excited to see themselves transformed into a stronger, healthier version of themselves.

I’m inviting you to join me on this journey. If you have any questions about my new role, email me at


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