Group Fitness training

Get in shape. Build community. Move forward toward your goals.
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Do you struggle making progress towards your goals?

Have you always found gyms to be intimidating?

Are you looking for an encouraging & judgement free environment?

all group training memberships include:

One-on-One Goal Setting Sessions

Workouts Modified for All Levels

2 Free Body Composition Scans per Year

Exclusive Fitness App Access to Track Your Progress

membership options to meet all of your goals



Can you only make it to the gym twice a week? Are you looking for personalized fitness options to supplement your group workouts? At South Landing Fitness we offer multiple membership options as well as supplemental training programs to meet your specific needs. Book a Free Intro to find the perfect program for your fitness goals.

new to strength training?

Strength Training isn’t just about building muscle mass. Its benefits include increased bone density, boosted metabolism, increased fat loss, improved endurance, and higher energy levels. Strength and accessory work are key components to our training philosophy.

Before joining group training sessions, we take all individuals though our comprehensive “First Step” course. In our First Step program, you will have a detailed mobility assessment, followed by 3 one-on-one training sessions, where we dial in on the movement patterns of the main foundational movements you will see in our training programs. 

*First Step is required for all new members entering Group Training*

At South Landing I love the confidence I’ve gained. I love the programming. I am so thankful for the group environment and for the encouraging and supportive people I’m coached by and that I work out with. It’s amazing! I feel so much better physically, mentally and emotionally.

Jessica H.

South Landing has helped me exceed the goals I have set for myself by challenging and encouraging me during every workout. I have been able to improve all of my lifts and learn new skills thanks to their excellent coaching…I always look forward to coming and can’t wait to get stronger!

Courtney F.

Walking into South Landing was one of the best decisions I could have ever made. I don’t aspire to be a great athlete. What I do want is to enjoy a long, beautiful life with my family. The community here encourages me every day to do just that. The strength I’ve gained goes far beyond the barbell.

Tiffany F.