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everyone should have an opportunity to pursue their healthiest life

At South Landing, we are committed to providing resources for everyone. These PDFs are designed to meet individuals where they are and move them forward towards their fitness and nutrition goals.

NUTRITION self-assessment & habit guide

Eating healthy doesn’t need to start with a huge leap. In fact, small steps have been shown to lead to more lasting results over time.

Don’t know what small step to take first? This guide has you covered. Our nutrition self-assessment will help you to find a starting point for the healthy-eating changes you want to see in your life.

Plus, you’ll be provided with habits and strategies to move forward towards your nutritional goals. As you progress on your journey, you can continuously re-evaluate your starting point and find tools and tips to lead you to success.

3 free workout templates

You’re not alone if you struggle building workouts at home. Our free templates will provide you with an easy structure to create your own workouts. Your experience level and equipment on-hand do not matter, as there are movement and intensity options for everyone.

This guide includes a movement library with video demos, coaching tips to set you up for success, and four pre-built workouts to implement today.

With these three templates, you’ll have an endless variety of workout options on hand!