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Encouragement and Community

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Every one of our members has experienced growth this year. As coaches, it’s been exciting to watch. In one week, we have another incredible opportunity for growth that is coming to South Landing: the CrossFit Open starts October 10.

what is the open?

If you’re not familiar with the Open, it is a time during the year when CrossFit’s headquarters releases one new workout every Thursday night for five weeks. CrossFit gyms around the world complete these workouts on Friday. You can register for the Open online and log your scores on each workout to compare yourself with other athletes around the world. 

At South Landing, we love the CrossFit Open. It is one of the greatest displays of community we experience all year. Since our first Open in 2017, we’ve seen our family rally around each other and encourage friends and classmates to rise above their expectations.

our focus as coaches

This October, our goal is to continue this trend. We want to outdo ourselves in terms of encouragement, community, and culture building.

Every day, our coaches work hard to provide members with programming that is effective and impactful. We try to create environments in each class that leave you feeling better than when you came in an hour earlier. While coaches do this through warmups and workouts, we also see this as a partnership with you. We communicate what you should get from the workout. You, in turn, make the best choice for you that day.

Making sure everyone has the opportunity to get the best workout possible for them every week is our foremost concern during the Open. 

In order to do this, we will provide everyone with a “South Landing Open” option every week to complement the workouts released by CrossFit HQ. We can modify these workouts exactly like we do in our classes to make sure you stay on track to hit the goals you’ve worked so hard on this year.

so what do you need to do?

show up


have fun

encourage people

Sounds a lot like what you do every day, right? Of course it does. Because you are awesome! Let’s have a great Open!


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