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South Landing Fitness opened in 2016 in South Knoxville’s Old Sevier neighborhood. Owners Crissy and Shane Glarrow had a desire to impact their community through health, realizing that as individuals become physically healthier, other areas of their lives are enhanced as well. After being married a year, they started to take small steps towards a dream of opening a gym. In 2019, Shane and Crissy welcomed their daughter Addaline into the world, and she has been a welcome addition to the South Landing family and their mission to help others live their healthiest lives.

meet the team

Crissy Glarrow, Owner

Crossfit level-1 trainer, bootcamp coach

Crissy is a former Division I gymnast for the University of Kentucky. She competed in CrossFit East Regionals four times before transitioning to coaching full-time.  Crissy believes healthier individuals can lead to healthier families and communities. In her words: “I am passionate about celebrating what a person can do today, then helping them take another step toward where they want to be tomorrow.”

shane Glarrow, Owner

crossfit level-2 trainer, Precision nutrition Level-1 certified coach

Shane was a multi-sport athlete in his youth. After being diagnosed with Type 1 Diabetes,  he turned to nutrition and fitness. In 2011, he found CrossFit, which reshaped his views of the limitations he believed shaped his future. Through the use of simple, actionable habits, Shane coaches his clients to create sustainable nutrition and fitness patterns. In his words: “I want to meet people where they are and elevate them to where they want to be.”

billy holman, HEAD coach

Crossfit level-2 trainer, personal trainer, precision nutrition level-1 certified coach

Billy is a former basketball player. After weight training to build muscle, he found CrossFit in 2013 and has never looked back. Billy’s coaching philosophy is founded on a two-fold principle: health and fitness are gifts with the power to not only transform a person’s life, but also the lives of everyone around them. Billy is married to Amanda and has a son, “Bear,” who you’ve likely seen running around the gym. In his words: “Increasing your health allows you to serve people even deeper—that’s why I do what I do.”


megh martinez, coach

crossfit level-2 trainer, birthfit knoxville regional director

Megh grew up in Louisiana, where she ran track and cross-country and played baseball, basketball, soccer, tennis, and golf.  She was a Division I cheerleader for the United States Air Force Academy. She discovered CrossFit in 2015 after her third child was born. In 2017, she completed her first CrossFit coaching certification. In 2018, she launched BirthFit Knoxville with Dr. Alicia Bloom and Ashley Helton.  She is married to Sean, an Air Force Captain and PhD student in creative writing at the University of Tennessee. Together, they have four kids: Jack, Ember, Seamus, and Dylan. In her words: “Coaching allows me to love deeply through service to others and continuously explore new ways of understanding myself and the world around me.  Above all, it allows me to connect and share with others.”

dylan craze, coach

Crossfit level-1 trainer, personal trainer, nUTRITION COACH

Dylan played baseball, basketball, and football through high school. After graduating, he joined a CrossFit gym, where he was coached by Crissy and Shane. He earned his CrossFit Level-1 certification in 2016. Dylan is passionate about helping people to discover freedom through fitness and health. In addition to coaching, he is studying to become a registered dietitian. Dylan graduates from the University of Tennessee in 2020. He is married to Savannah.

bree figgins, coach

Crossfit level-2 trainer, Pregnancy and postpartum athleticism coach, bootcamp COACH

 Bree was a late bloomer athletically. Claiming Houston, Texas as her home, she had a love-hate relationship with track and field in high school, then took up distance running in college before discovering weight training. In 2013, while living in Los Angeles, Bree stumbled upon CrossFit. Within two years, she had competed locally and earned her CrossFit Level-2 certification. Bree specializes in pregnancy and postpartum fitness, and hold several certification in corrective exercise, fitness nutrition, and other areas. Bree and her husband, Kirk, relocated to Knoxville in 2019 with their son, Smith. She lives by two mottos: “Something over nothing,” and “Fitness is for everyone.”

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